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Why hire a travel representation company and not just work through bed banks?

27 September 2017

People ask me all the time, why do we need to hire a representation company and pay a fee when we can just sell our product through a bed bank?

Well the first answer is: what is the profile of your ideal client? 

Then answer: do you have an independent, boutique, unique property/resort/villa that you need the potential guest to understand?
Do you want to ensure you get the right person/people staying with you, ensuring they are happy, the atmosphere on property is right and the word of mouth promotion they will help with when they return from their break is right?

Well don't believe what we as a representation company may say, think about what a client that pays the monthly fee for 8 years says:

June 2017

To Whom it May Concern:

I have known Ms Denise Greene for approximately eight years. It is my honour to write an unsolicited testimonial about Denise, the woman, and her work at Sunrise Marketing.

We, at Ottley’s, had tried working with other highly respected marketing companies in the UK; our UK business had been growing bit by bit, but we were not satisfied with the results that were being achieved. For this reason, we were seeking new representation in the UK.  A respected General Manager from Nisbet Plantation Beach Club introduced me and my partners to Denise. At the time, she was working at a large company; soon thereafter, that company disbanded their representation department.  Denise was on her own…. and we were pleased to give her a try and move along with her.   We never regretted our decision.

Denise Greene is hard working, innovative, smart, kind, has superb taste and is tenacious, when necessary.  I have ultimate respect for the woman and business that she created. She was the catalyst in exponentially growing our UK business.  Under extraordinary circumstances in our lives, Denise and her team were remarkably kind, sympathetic to our needs and always professional.  Our gratitude is unending and given the opportunity, we would not hesitate to work with Denise again and recommend her to others.  She puts her all into everything that she does, this includes her keen intuition and her heart is always in the equation, an important factor that is often left out with others in business. A big THANK YOU to Denise and her team.

Most sincerely,

Karen L. Keusch
Innkeeper/Co-Managing Director 
d/b/a Ottley’s Plantation Inn / Royal Palm Restaurant
P.O. Box 345 • Basseterre • St. Kitts • West Indies

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