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What Can We Do for your Hotel or Resort?

Sunrise’s strategy target’s both the trade and consumer, with the core aim being to increase our hotel’s sales revenue. Whether you are introducing a new product or are already established in the market, Sunrise Marketing’s representation will be tailored to ensure that your objectives and budgets are considered - and to ensure that you see the tangible return from your investment.

What Sunrise offers you can include:
  • Sales-Lead generation, through to contract negotiation, conclusion and annual renewal with current tour operator partners.
  • Communication on a two-way basis between Sunrise and your travel partners. Sunrise will provide regular news updates, offers and keep the industry informed. Sunrise will provide a point of contact for all enquiries and support needed to close the sale for you!
  • Regular industry updates and market news. We will feed back to you what is happening in and affecting the industry.
  • Proposal of strategies for informed tactical campaigns, through our research and relationships. We will follow through to ensure the results are tangible and measureable.
  • Attendance at trade shows such as Caribbean Marketplace, WTM and Unite Caribbean, either with you or on your behalf.
  • Generating opportunities and organisation of familiarisation trips to your hotel, both in conjunction with partners and tourism authorities and where budgets allow, independently.
  • Training of your contracted tour operator’s sales staff, agents and other influential partners to ensure that your product is sold accurately to the right target audience.
  • Marketing opportunities with trade partners, and the management of co-op opportunities with trade partners to drive sales.
  • Incentives creation, implementation and management; such as competitions for agents and tour operator sales teams.
  • PR consultancy appointment and liaison to ensure a rounded approach to the sales and awareness efforts for the hotel.
  • Database Management; of clients, contracted partners and key contacts. Sunrise can manage the issue of close-outs to partners if required.
  • Sales Missions to the UK for Hotel GM’s and Owners is recommended and encouraged by Sunrise (subject to additional budget approval) to allow the in-house management team to meet their industry partners and increase their confidence and support! Sunrise will organise and co-ordinate annual sales missions to include the organisation of events.
  • Social Media is utilised as a key communication channel with the trade as well as our own website in order to reach and allow instant access to the latest news, information and offers for your hotel to reach and gain feedback and sales action from all our trade partners.
How will we reach your Future Guests?
  • Partnerships with public sector Tourism Offices and Authorities are strong and on-going with Sunrise, and allows us to maximise the ROI and benefits of their marketing efforts and gain their support for those implemented by Sunrise through joint investment.
  • PR representative’s work with us to ensure a steady flow of news to consumers to generate interest and stimulate niche markets. (Sunrise has an associate company that can provide PR services).
  • Identify potential partners for marketing out-with the industry, but where there are synergies with the quality and style of the product. Affinity group opportunities!
  • Consumer show and exhibition attendance will be recommended where opportunities arise, often with both tourism authorities and trade partners (tour operators), who provide the call to action. These can include Bridal Shows, Dive Shows, Luxury Travel Shows and other niche shows, specific to the hotel/resorts target audience.

Have we missed something?
Our services are not limited to this list! Contact us here.