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South Point is a privately owned, beachfront property with a handful of luxury suites and a team of exceptional, dedicated staff.  South Point offers guests a truely unique experience, with a minimalist, modern design coupled with an urban chic vibe designed to contrast - yet complement - its tropical beach setting.  The relaxed ambience and incredible location - an oasis in the heart of English Harbour - has established South Point as one of the best Antigua hotels for friend getaways and solo travelers and those who don't want to be confined by their hotel - putting guests within reach of the island's most popular nightlife and entertainment spots, but far enough away so those seeking a respite can unwind in peace. 

South Point also caters to families and friends travelling together given the spacious condo-style suites, kitchen facilities and the ability to interconnect rooms and offer shared balconies when preferred.  


‘As the owner of Nisbet Plantation for the past 26 years, I am happy to recommend Denise Greene as a first class representative for the UK market. Denise has made a substantial improvement in our UK business. She makes a professional appearance, is easy to work with and regularly presents many valuable opportunities to my managers.’ David Dodwell, Owner of Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

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