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Sweetfield Manor was built in the early 1900's. A plantation house of bygone days. This beautifully renovated boutique hotel is nestled on the outskirts of Bridgetown, just minutes away from some of the most popular white sandy beaches on the Island, shopping centres and the islands popular nightlife hotspots. While the amenities of the South Coast are in close proximity, Sweetfield Manor is truely a hidden gem. Once in the property a sense of calm and peace fills your soul. You are instantly transported to an enclave carved out of the hustle and bustle of Caribbean life and enshrined in tropical splendor. Peacocks roam the grounds and whilst unique and majestic, they just seem to belong.


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‘As the owner of Nisbet Plantation for the past 26 years, I am happy to recommend Denise Greene as a first class representative for the UK market. Denise has made a substantial improvement in our UK business. She makes a professional appearance, is easy to work with and regularly presents many valuable opportunities to my managers.’ David Dodwell, Owner of Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

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